BOE Goals



The Mount Sinai School District will be an exemplary 21st century learning community. Our students will become lifelong learners prepared and ready to thrive in the global community as responsible, productive and engaged citizens.


Our mission is to provide all students with an excellent academic environment that will ensure all learners reach their highest potential. Our learning community will provide an academic environment in which each student will develop curiosity, engage in problem solving strategies, and employ critical thinking skills. Our goal is to enable each learner to acquire 21st century skills and knowledge, develop strong work habits and a healthy lifestyle, become independent thinkers, gain an appreciation of the arts and a proficiency in technology. Our teachers shall collaborate with each other and professionally develop to meet the challenges of an academically evolving and challenging environment. We will promote a climate that fosters tolerance, respect, integrity and which leads students on a path to become lifelong learners and good citizens.


  • The students are our community's most valuable asset.

  • This school district is a reflection of its community and the community is a reflection of the high standards of the district. Both must work together to ensure quality education for all.

  • The educational program is based on a culture of respect, trust, professionalism and strong leadership.

  • Excellence in learning is directly related to excellence in teaching. All adults should share the vision, invest in its attainment, align their work and work collaboratively with colleagues, families and the community.

  • All students should have their learning needs accommodated by differentiated instruction and other accommodations as needed or prescribed.

  • It is our expectation that all who enter district properties and buildings will be highly respectful of the faculty, staff and facilities. In turn they will be treated respectfully.


Educational Excellence

Provide an engaging and high standards learning environment that meets students’ needs and provides scholastic opportunities for all students to meet their individual levels of excellence.

Fiscal Responsibility

Demonstrate an understanding and application of fiscal responsibility, which recognizes the tax burden on our community and maintains the district's long-term financial health while meeting our district's priorities.


Facilitate a district wide culture that fosters growth, creativity and an individual responsibility to meet the district's vision of an exemplary educational community.


Provide timely information to our parents, students and community at large in a consistent, reliable manner regarding opportunities, achievements and events at all levels.


Implement strategic planning to utilize technology resources to meet the highest level of student achievement.