District Wide School Safety Plan

Mt. Sinai Schools District Wide Safety Plan
Posted on 08/11/2023

Our school district has developed a comprehensive safety plan in accordance with New York State’s Safe Schools Against Violence in Education legislation. The plan is posted below for the community’s review and comment. It will remain available for a period of thirty days, and we encourage all comments to be emailed to Ms. Elizabeth Hine at Mount Sinai Middle School ([email protected]).

The District-Wide Safety Plan has been designed to provide for the health and safety for all staff and students in the event of a serious violent incident or emergency. This plan identifies specific safety and security programs focusing on prevention, intervention, and crisis response, including risk reduction, response, and recovery to a variety of emergencies that may occur in the Mount Sinai School District and its three school buildings.

Each of our buildings has created a very detailed Building-Wide Safety Plan reflecting the protocols defined in the district-wide plan. However, the details of these plans must remain confidential to guarantee the safety of all students and staff. Each school has designated staff members trained to respond in emergency situations.

The District-Wide Safety Team has been formed to act in an advisory capacity and is responsible for assessing the vulnerability of Mount Sinai’s schools to violence and recommend preventative actions. This team will meet periodically to discuss issues related to district safety and make yearly updates and revisions to the plan as needed.

During an emergency, every possible step will be taken to ensure student safety, including coordination with schools, government officials, and first responder agencies. If a crisis occurs during school hours, we are prepared to keep your children secure and safe at school and will make every effort to provide a steady, reliable flow of information.

Please note that it is crucial that your child’s school has current phone numbers to reach you or your designee. If you have questions about your child's school safety measures, please contact your principal.

Every student deserves an educational environment where they feel welcomed and supported in a safe and orderly school. We appreciate your partnership and cooperation in our continual effort to ensure the well-being of our school community.

Click here to view the 2023-2024 Mount Sinai Schools District Wide Safety Plan.